Clean A Stained Vinyl Convertible Cover And Mend A Hole In The Fabric

If you own a Corvette convertible and the vehicle's vinyl cover has bird droppings on it and a small hole in its corner, clean and mend the fabric Corvette car cover by completing the steps below. Standard maintenance steps will preserve the cover's condition and will diminish the risk of staining or additional damage to the vinyl.


  • hose
  • nozzle
  • roll of wide waterproof tape
  • scissors
  • vinyl cleaning spray
  • soft brush
  • foam pad
  • nautical floss
  • tapestry needle
  • sewing pin
  • liquid epoxy
  • patch kit

Secure The Vinyl And Eliminate Bird Droppings

Close and secure the vinyl convertible top. Check around the edges of the fabric to ensure that no gaps are present. Temporarily adhere a strip of waterproof tape over the hole in the fabric. The tape will prevent water from seeping into the Corvette as you are cleaning the cover. Attach an adjustable nozzle to the end of a garden hose. Use a nozzle setting that produces a moderate amount of water pressure. Rinse the vinyl cover's surface to remove debris that has fallen from trees or dust from roadways.

Apply a vinyl cleaning spray to fabric that has bird droppings on it. Move a soft brush or foam pad from side to side as the tool is covering stained vinyl. Rinse the cover off with clear water and wait for the fabric to dry before removing the strip of waterproof tape that is covering the hole.

Mend The Hole And Cover The Fabric

After threading a tapestry needle with nautical floss, pull the floss halfway through the needle's eye until the floss is doubled. Form a knot with both ends of the floss. Gather the fabric that surrounds the hole and insert a pin through the damaged vinyl to hold the fabric together. Stitch through the fabric with straight, even stitches. Remove the pin when finished. Cut the ends of the nautical floss and knot them closely to the exterior side of the vinyl cover.

Brush a light coating of liquid epoxy across the floss. Epoxy will help bind the fabric together if the stitches loosen over time. After the epoxy has dried, cut an adhesive patch that is large enough to cover the epoxy-covered stitches. Peel the paper from the adhesive side of the patch. Carefully center the patch over the mended fabric before pressing the adhesive against the cover. Spray a vinyl protectant across the cover's surface. This type of product will prevent the vinyl from cracking or becoming discolored after being in direct sunlight.