The Benefits Of Using A Modern Vehicle Dash Panel

Have you been considering a vehicle with a better dash panel that is more modern and built directly into it? Even though you're able to get by with using your phone, there are benefits of having it built into your vehicle's factory-installed radio instead of messing with other devices. Here are some of the benefits you will see by having a more modern interface to use.

Phone Integration

Some dash panels allow you to connect to your phone, which brings a lot of the functionality of your phone to the dash panel. You are going to see all of the same app icons that you are used to seeing on your phone, as well as have a home button that takes you back to the main app screen. This is going to make it easier to navigate using the system, especially if you are trying to do things quickly because you are familiar with the interface that carries over and is designed to mimic your phone.

Voice-Driven Interaction

A lot of the interaction with a modern dash panel is going to be voice-driven at times where you need it to be voice-driven. This includes composing and reading text messages. It's common for the messages to not even be displayed on the panel inside your vehicle, so there is nothing to distract you from the road. You can use a voice command to ask to read the last text message you received, and then dictate what you want your response to be. This hands-free way of operating your phone through your dash panel makes it safe and easy to respond while driving. While text messages are one example, it extends to other methods of using the panel.

Big Buttons

You may be used to using your phone and connecting to it via Bluetooth or a USB cable to get many of the features from your phone to your car's sound system. When doing so, you are going to be using the small interface on your phone, which can be hard to use when driving. When you are using the built-in dash panel, you are going to be getting an interface that is large and easy to use. It's built with the essentials that you need while driving in mind. For example, if you are listening to an audiobook, the vehicle will likely display large buttons that are going to be up on the screen pause, play, and skip back or forward 30 seconds.

To try out these features, consider getting a system like the Apple CarPlay system on a factory radio for your car.