Salon Automatic: Ways To Use Your Car To Help With Your Mobile Salon

Mobile salons have become just as popular as brick and mortar hair salons. With portable rinse hose attachments and portable dryers, you can easily perform client services inside of the comfort of their own homes, rather than having them sit in the salon for hours. If you want to commit to being a mobile hair stylist, you will need to make sure that your car is operational for the task. Here are some ways to set up your car so that you can have a successful mobile salon:

Get seat covers

The first change that you want to make to your car is to put seat covers over the back seat. A rubber or otherwise easy to clean seat cover is the best way to protect your true car seats from spills or damage. Some items, such as hair dryers can be heavy and could break through leather seating if they are allowed to push and rub in the same place constantly. Spills from shampoo and hair chemicals could cause irreversible damage to your car seats. Be sure to get a seat cover that encases your back seats entirely. Get large rubber floor mats to cover the floor fo your car against any spills as well. 

Advertise on a car magnet

Along with getting you to and from appointments, your car can also become a moving advertisement for your business. Fashion your logo onto a large car magnet along with your contact information. If you have a business phone number and website address, this should be prominently displayed on your car magnet. This will let other drivers on the road know where you reach you in order to make an appointment. Car magnets are also a one-time cost and can provide permanent advertisement, making it the best investment in your mobile salon. 

Install seat organizers

If you sell products to your clients or if you carry any sort of educational materials about your services or products, you should have these properly stored. Having them inside of the car when you drive, instead of the trunk, will provide proper temperature control. Place all of your brochures inside of a protected pouch in your seat organizer. this way you can hand out your business materials and brochures in a pinch. The seat organizers should detachable so that you can put your materials in the car at the start of the day, then move them back inside of your house once you have had your last appointment.