Essential Components Of A Camper Van

A camper van doesn't offer the amount of space that an RV might have, but you can make a camper van work almost as well as an RV as long as you prioritize. You will want to find out the must-have features that you will need in your camper build.

Closet Space

One of the most important features you'll typically need is a closet. Fortunately, there are many pieces of furniture meant for camper vans that can be multifunctional. This allows you to have extra storage for clothing if you need it. Make sure to also use vertical space to hang clothes.


You will usually need a space for your bed to sleep in. A bed can also be a place under which you can store some of your belongings. However, a bed can take up a lot of space, especially if more than one person will be sharing the same bed. Fortunately, there is some furniture that can convert into a single bed.

The Kitchen

Your main table can be fixed or portable. Some might even choose to not have a table and simply eat wherever they want in the van. However, a table can not only be used for dining, but it can also be a place to use a laptop or play board games.

The Stove

A wood-burning stove can be very useful if you will be camping during colder weather. It's inconvenient to rely on the heater built within your camper because you can run low on fuel. Wood-burning stoves allow you to venture out and chop some wood to keep you and your family warm.

Using a Camper Van Floor Plan

When you are very efficient with how you plan out your camper, you can transform the van into a place that is very similar to an apartment. Some owners of campers have computer workstations and others have their own kitchens, complete with a stove and fridge.

If you want to be able to camp without sacrificing the comforts of modern life, you can, fortunately, turn to one of the several readily available floor plans. You will usually not want to look at only one camper van floor plan, but will instead want to examine several layouts. This is because a layout that you might like initially may not make functional sense. But with enough plans at your disposal, it will be much easier to design a perfect travel van.

To learn more about camper van floor plans, contact a company in your area like Flarespace.